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Staff Augmentation

Redefine your staffing needs to meet aggressive timelines by simplifying management of evolving skill needs and gaps.

Staff Augmentation Services

With Intrellis' Staff Augmentation, clients have on-demand access to our pool of talented individuals to work under their direction, assisting with designing, deploying and supporting their IT infrastructure. We'll help you tackle a wide range of projects, whether it's small or large, short term or long term - we can quickly provide you with Qualified IT Resources who are familiar with the systems and technologies you currently have and/or require.

Enhance your business by taking advantage of Intrellis' Staff Augmentation which will enable you achieve a number of business goals some of which include faster speed-to-market, industry and technical experience, avoid time and expenses involved with internal training and skill development. Intrellis can help you manage constant evolution of skill needs and gaps as well as scalability with staffing needs to meet aggressive project timelines.

Key Benefits

In summary, businesses are looking to reduce cost and improve operational efficiencies through technological innovation. This translates into a growing number of technology projects where success or failure of a business can often depend on the ability to execute these projects within aggressive timelines, budget and to specification. Procuring in-house talent to complete these projects can be expensive and moreover risky, especially when the technology needs are constantly evolving.

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