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Pro-Active Systems Monitoring & Management



IN.MANAGE provides your organization with 24/7/365 Pro-Active Monitoring, Management, Systems Maintenance and visibility into your infrastructure that can provide up-to-the-minute insight for performance and availability. While traditional IT management platforms and tools are proving increasingly costly, complex and onerous to manage, Intrellis' IN.MANAGE provides a compelling alternative. Service availability is critical to any business environment – by utilizing Intrellis, a trusted Managed IT Services leader with a solid track record in Managed Services delivery you can relax knowing your infrastructure will up and running.

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Key Features and Benefits

24/7/365 Pro-Active Systems Management

Your infrastructure is constantly working to service your business needs. IN.MANAGE backed by our Network Operations Center, staffed by Certified Engineers constantly monitor & manage your infrastructure round-the-clock and resolve any possible signs of failure or performance degradation ensuring your infrastructure is managed in accordance with your technology vendor's best practices.

Pro-Active Security Patches & Updates

Creators and developers of products and software are continuously releasing updates and enhancements to the suite of products that have been implemented within your IT infrastructure. Keeping up-to-date with these new releases is part of the IN.MANAGE offering and ensures that your services are performing at their best. Prior to rolling out these patches and updates, Intrellis Engineers roll it out within our test labs to ensure there is no conflict and/or compatibility issues with your infrastructure. Once done, Intrellis will work with your organization to schedule maintenance windows to roll out the tested and approved patches and updates.

24/7/365 Incident Management & Remediation

You get access to our Network Operations Center to contact should you require any assistance with managing your infrastructure – think of our 200+ Engineers as an extension of your team that you can leverage as and when required. Expert advise from our Subject Matter Experts is only a call/click away and is available 24/7/365 round-the-clock.

Reporting & Inventory Management

Our customer's are pleased to know that they have full control of their technology infrastructure at any given time, while we ensure that their infrastructure is optimized for maximum uptime and performance. With our Suite of Managed Services offerings, our customer's have access to Converge – a single pane of glass to manage their infrastructure on the go. Adopting this model allows you to manage performance, availability and total cost of ownership – setting you up for success.

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