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You may come to realization that doing it yourself doesn’t make much sense. Constantly purchasing, deploying, scaling, and managing physical devices, the network and the datacenter yourself is handcuffing your talent and money from activities that drive revenue for your business. IN.FRASTRUCTURE ensures you no longer have to take on everything – including the CAPEX in order to control your OS. You don’t have to be a slave to the physical hardware, the network, the datacenter, the pager and 3am emergencies any longer. You enjoy the OS and device control that comes with traditional colocation, but you don’t have to take on the risks, responsibilities and inconveniences.

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Key Features & Benefits

Dedicated TAM

A single point of contact for your account, and coordinator of the support team is working for you. The Technical Account Manager will go over your servers, storage and network devices with the datacenter team before they are deployed. Offering a consultative approach for configuration changes and providing new hardware/upgrade options as well as troubleshooting assistance as/when required. Backed by the NOC who manage your support requests with agility, you can focus on your business knowing your infrastructure is up.

Secure Redundant Datacenters & Network

It is apparent that extreme care and attention is placed on the secure access to our facilities with a combination of biometric security, access cards and advanced CCTV surveillance camera setup. Intrellis also works diligently on training our team members on importance of physical access control and always abiding the tight standards mandated by our customers. When hosting a critical infrastructure, one of the major considerations in a datacenter is power & network management. Our datacenter locations are highly efficient with redundant network entry points & power coupled with 24/7 diesel back-up power available in the event of a disaster. Power & Network uptime is guaranteed and SLA driven.

Strategic Planning Included

Our Solutions Architects are available to assist you & your team with aligning your business requirements to your IT requirements. We can assist in designing your solution based on future scalability as well as maximize your infrastructure performance all at no additional cost to you. It’s not about what we can sell you, rather what can we help you solve – think of us as an extension to your team!

CDN Services Available

Enables your business to avoid dropping customer transactions due to internet latency, speed up online customer application process and keep up with your customer’s appetite for online services. Deliver business applications, rich media and dynamic transactions online with unmatched reliability and help ensure that your business scales, grows and clicks with your customers.

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