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Canadian Hosted High Availability Cloud.



Increasing IT operational efficiency is critical for business success in the 21st century. Adopting virtualized and cloud-based computing models can help increase flexibility, improve agility, enhance efficiency, support a mobile workforce and reduce costs. These changes can deliver notable benefits to the business, but the can also add IT complexity and introduce risk. IT groups need ways to speed the deployment of cloud computing environments and simplify IT management for evolving data centers.

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What is IN.CLOUD?

IN Cloud by Intrellis offers a broad portfolio of data center and cloud management solutions that can help you achieve your IT modernization objectives and meet business needs while simplifying IT management. Deliver robust services across any combination of cloud delivery models. Accelerate service delivery by supporting a full range of cloud platforms and automating key management tasks. In addition optimize IT by streamlining deployment, provisioning, scaling and ongoing administration for your physical, virtual and cloud environments.

IN.CLOUD Architecture

Key Features & Benefits

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